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2018 Programme
Old   Time   Gatherings   as   they   have   evolved   in   North   America   are   relaxed   affairs,   intended   primarily   as   an opportunity   for   musicians   to   socialise   and   jam   (session).   There’s   little   of   the   programming   and   performance that characterizes music festivals. As   this   is   the   first   Irish   OT   gathering,   we   have   sketched   out   a   rough   outline   of   activities,   but   this   will   flex   with what   attendees   prefer   to   do.      We   are   also   allowing   for   some   folks   who   may   just   want   to   play   music,   and others that may also want to brush up their skills and repertoire. For the latest programme and schedule, please click here to view or download the current pdf file.
Clifftop 2017
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